Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini, a native Iranian, was born in 1983. When he was a teenager, he was interested in photography and could deal with it at that time. Although he graduated in Control Engineering (Instrumentation major), but he seriously engaged in photography since 2010 and learned it totally experimental and by himself. He was actively involved since 2012 and worked with several Iranian news agencies as Mehr news (MNA), Fars news (FNA) and Tasnim news (TNA). He has the experience of taking the photos of social and cultural events and natural disasters. Now, he is mainly concentrated on his documentary photography on social issues in Iran.

Awards and honors:

2015 -  First prize- photo festival-Tehran,Iran

2015 - Selected & Admissioned to the Khaney e Dost photo festival Mashhad,Iran

2015 -  Selected & Admissioned to the Lamerd photo festival Lamerd,Iran

2014 -  First prize- Roshd photo festival - Tehran,Iran

2014 -  First prize-Baghe Irani photo festival- Tehran,Iran

2013 -  First prize- photo festival-Tehran,Iran

2013 -  Second prize- photo festival-Tehran,Iran

2012 -  First prize-Mehr e Moharam photo festival-Semnan,Iran

2012 - Third prize- photo festival-Tehran,Iran

2012 -  Selection and Exhibition in Eftar photo festival-Tehran,Iran

2011 - Honorable photo festival

2011 -  Second prize- photo festival-Tehran,iran

2010 -  Honorable Mention-Moharam photo festival,Tehran,Iran

2010 -  Honorable Mention-Salamaat photo festival-Tehran,Iran

2010 - Group photo exhibition in Kowsar gallery,Tehran,Iran